Saturday, February 9, 2008


Did 18 today. Ran from my house to the lakefront which totally sucked. The icy, slushy crap is treacherous as all hell. 3.5 miles to the lakefront then south along the inner drive to Navy Pier -- footing was good there and the rest of the way south on the lakefront all the way to McCormick Place. Pace was 8:19 -- but that included some walking over icy patches. Every winter I swear it is the last winter I'll spend here -- and 20 years later I'm still f-ing here. Going to be below zero tomorrow. Can't wait. Still overweight - 159 lbs/18.1% body fat. Down 6 pounds for the week.

Tough long run

Ran with the CRC today. Long run on VERY hilly course. Total ascent 1650 feet. same for descent. Net elevation change 3300 feet. 25 miles at 7:15 average pace, a solid workout. I'm beat...

102 miles for the week! yay!

Friday, February 8, 2008

4 more

Did 4 more miles today as a recovery from the ball-busting core/strength/power workout that I participated in at Vision Quest Thursday night. It's one hell of a good workout... but I am pretty f-ing sore today. I did a training session with Bill this morning -- which was also rough given the 11 hours of recovery I had from Thursday night's torture session and then went out for 4 easy miles on side streets in Bucktown.

I'm still fat. 158 pounds today (down 7 lbs since Monday!) with 18.8% body fat and my appetite is out of control. Lots of belly fat to shake.

Marathon course

17 miles on the course today, a recovery run at about 7:45-8:15 pace... there is still some hills there.

Back to Cricket on Fridays

Not the perfect day for returning for the Friday Ledesma Memorial Hill Run. The snow on Cricket is not uniformly deep nor trampled. The south access has a lot of deeper snow closest to the path with a deep section also right before the summit (if you can call it such). The west side is just a plain mess.
So, not so much fun for the circuits that I did today. Great time for B, but I have decided he enjoys runs when:
a. Snow creates poor footing for humans (or others on this blog that don't qualify for that description)
b. I'm exhausted and draggin' ass
c. He's been in the house most of the week and I've been traveling

I had all of the above this week. Maybe tomorrow and Sunday will be better. Off to San Fran for a run on Monday AM. There will be hills there... we'll see if I can manage them.

Moving forward, unless I'm out of town on Friday, the hill run is back on the schedule. Giddy up, boys.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Track workout #2 this week

5 x (1200 @ 5:30 pace, 200 jog, 400 @ 5:55 (Intended Marathon pace)). with some easy miles and a tunisian cirsuit to boot.

Tomorrow, hills.

Darned Spaniard

So after two days of running with Ed, I figured to put a few miles in around the Big Apple this morning before my flight. Sooo, up at the spry hour of 415a EST (that's 3a for real people), I went out to run some of the NYC course (end of it, mind you). I believe that my legs were transplanted onto someone else and I have been given the legs of a 82 yr old man. Wow..... that was a tough 6 miles. Thankfully, the buildings kept the Garmin from finding the satellites, so I have no laps to report. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.


Topped 40 miles for the week for the first time since late last August -- with two days to go. 160 pounds with 19.1% body fat. (My weight is going down and my fat % up???) Ran a 10-k course on my treadmill that simulates Central Park -- lots of ups and downs. I am grateful that my treadmill is capable of providing downhill in addition to uphill... Just under 48 minutes for the hilly 10-k.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Connect Four

162 pounds. 16.8% fat.

3 miles of hills on the treadmill and a strength/power/core session with Bill.

4 straight days of running. 35 miles for the week. No pizza.

Training Courses with Hills

Pick one for this weekend.

CourseLocationDistance Climb Elevation Change
Cary March Madness Cary13.16711341
Lemont Hill Lemont11.27881616
The Hills Palos Park8.27448897
Trial Run Lake Zurich13.135331065
Home Economist Barrington11.38499994
Barrington Ultimate 20 Barrington209891996
Barrington High School Barrington16.377201437


matt was knocking at my door at 5:45 this morning.

We headed out to the track and slugged through 10 yasso 800's. I may have been ablke to do more, but both of us concurred it was enough, given the residual fatigue from last nights 18 miles.

My splits:

10 repeats. 2:48, 2:40, 2:42, 2:41, 2:42, 2:40, 2:42, 2:41, 2:45, 2:44. We recovered to 120 BPM in between all.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Long run with Matt in Boston

Matt and I headed for a hilly run on the course. The pace was chill but my body was ravaged by bathroom needs, which even matt's perverted talk could not distract me from. After unloading at a fire station, I was aleviated for a few miles, and then the need struck again. This time I held it till I got home.

We followed up with a large meal.

All in all 18 miles at an 8 min pace. tomorrow we do yasso 800's.

The LONG road back...

3 days straight. That's right f-ers. Look out.

I will post my workout if for no other reason than to clearly demonstrate the stark difference between good training (see posts from Ed and Chris) and really poor training.

I did an LT today (before the polls opened!!!). My first LT since late August according to my training log. 35 minutes at a 7:13/mile pace which demanded an average heart rate of 84% from me. Wow is that bad.

Given that 7:13/mile is slower than my fairly recent (last year) long run pace -- I'm amazed (and amused) by how far I've fallen and fast I got here.

On the positive side -- I ran 10 total miles today -- pushing my weekly mileage to 32 with 4 days left in the week.

The negative -- 165 pounds (16.3% Body Fat).

Damn you pizza.

Lent starts tomorrow. I'm giving up everything but work and running... and maybe one or two other non-food related things.

Richard: Better send me the lemon diet directions.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Ran on consecutive days for the first time in 2008. 14 miles Sunday - 8 miles today. The mileage for the two days combined exceeds my weekly totals for every week dating back to mid-September. Good times.

I'm really fat and really slow. Will shoot for three consecutive days of running tomorrow -- which will also be a 2008 record. Gotta go eat a pizza now.

8 mile LT, so so.

As part of an 15 miler, 8 miles at LT pace...

The splits. The first half was uphill, the second down. -I think the splits reflect that fairly clearly. Hard to say what an equivalent effort on FLAT terrain may have yielded...


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday: 2:10 / 16 Miles

Struggled through today, primarily because of bad footing. It was good to get the time in though. Looking forward to a good week of training.