Thursday, April 10, 2008


20x400 @ 77-79 sec each. 1 lap jog between each. total with warm up and cool down 13 miles

Monday, April 7, 2008


11 miler today, including 5 at the track at LT pace. The total was 28:40 for the 5 miles, which is a 5:44 pace... I'm happy with that for now.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

change of strategy

I was feeling a bit burned out today, and really not in the mood to run. After speaking with chris on the phone, he had talked some sense into me. So I scrapped the sluggish 20 plus miler i had planned and replaced it with an up tempo 10 miler. I was not exactly flying, but the wind was brutal. So I did about 6:45 - 6:30's into the wind and slightly under 6 on the return. This was not really LT pace, and when I got home I was happy to see my HR never got beyond 75% of max, even when I clocked under 6.

Maybe the idea of tapering is not so bad...

Two weeks to go.....

Well, I guess the mild taper begins this week, then full-scale taper next week. Again, I hit the road for the hot spots of Philly, Dayton/Cincy, and Atlanta this week. No potential for running tomorrow with early AM and late evening flights. So.... a double today with 14 in the AM and 10.5 this evening. Per usual, the evening run was much more enjoyable and spry than the AM run. Chris was pounding out the speed, likely in the mid to low 6s, while Bosco and I trudged along in the low 7s. Just felt a bit tired this AM. This evening, the same speed was markedly easier.

So I have 25 of my 60 already in the pocket. Wooo hooo! More speed with Eduardo in town this weekend. Good for the final stretch... I'm gonna need it in Beantown.