Friday, August 10, 2007

It occurred to me while I was grabbing Chris’s package…

Before I proceed, you might be asking yourself why I was handling Chris’s package. Short answer is that he asked me to. Technically, he asked either Ed or I to do it. Ed wanted to but he thought he might not be up to the task due to his poor eyesight, so I felt obliged. It’s really not a bad package. This year the CDC race package includes some Gatorade, granola, and your basic marathon flyers.

Okay, back on topic. So I took two days off from running this week. It occurred to me that this is somewhat significant because I haven’t taken a single day off in over 10 weeks. On one hand I feel lucky to have had a good training streak. On the other hand I am bit worried about my training going downhill. I think my body just needed a break after coming back to the heat and humidity of Chicago.

With that said, it needs to be said how amazing it was running in California. The running was full of scenic vistas, challenging hill work, and 70 degree weather with no humidity. Highlights include running the Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevada, 10 miles along the rigeline of San Rafael's rolling hills, and the touring the north end of San Fran (Golden Gate to Market Street). It was awesome. Even more awesome than Chris’s package.