Friday, January 5, 2007

Pathetic attempt to post

Ok.... so as a newbie on this blog, I'll try to add something of minimal value to begin with. This would be the throwbacks to hairdos of old (or hair don'ts). We might muse of what one Chris Woods might have looked like in his Pontiac Firebird days while listening to some Bob Seger. Or, we might imagine Ed in detention, or Brian asking for a quick "hit." I, on the other hand, am just trying to fit in here.

Now, onto the running. Motivation has been a bit of a problem as of late. Therefore, I am using Ed's free time to become my battering ram for getting mileage up, although I have hardly cracked the 60+ distance in the last two prior weeks. This silly biking thing is rearing it's ugly head and taking up about 3 workouts a week. Boy, Boston might be a bit uglier for me than I'd expect.

Friday Five

I think the last two days of tempo runs caught up with me today. I headed to the hill by myself this afternoon--after learning Rick and Ed went without me this morning (read: I am bitter)--and did only a half mile on the hill. Feeling terribly sluggish, I headed home.

See you in the AM for more tempo.

Training: Recovery & Hills
Total: 4.5 mi | Hills: .5 mi

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Four Days Late

One of my resolutions this year was to post daily training. I am now four days behind. Anyway, here goes.

Total: 8.5 Mi | Tempo: 6.25 Mi | Avg Tempo Pace: 6:30/Mi

Total: 10.5 Mi | Tempo: 8 Mi | Avg Tempo Pace: 6:15/Mi

Good articles from today:

Great interview with a runner I've never heard of...but should have. - Going the Distance: Catching Up With Craig Virgin

More Karnazes. I like the guy and what he does, but I have difficulty believing the untrained 30 miles in a drunken stuper story. I've never run 30 miles. That's just tough.
Wired Mag - The Perfect Human

Interesting story on doping.
Wired Mag - The Righteous Fury of Dick Pound

Oh, and sign up to win the Garmin Astro dog tracking product for Bosco.

See you on the path on Friday.

Since my weight is probably the factor holding me back the most right now, I am also going to start posting periodic measurements.

Weight this morning: 138 lbs | Boston Marathon Target: 130 lbs