Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Too Much Distance in the "Classic"???

I've heard from several folks that the 2007 version (it changes every year) of the Distance Classic course was perhaps a bit longer than advertised.

Some with Garmin GPS equipment found it to be more along the lines of 13.3-13.5. However, Garmin's technology only provides for straight line mapping - which would add noticeable distance to a race course with a significant number of turns. Garmin is aware of this limitation and makes a foot pod that can be worn along with the GPS to account for curves and turns and correct for actual distance.

The course was measured and certified and I'm guessing that the individuals that found it to be too long were wearing Garmins without the foot pod.

I would still like to believe the course was long. In fact, based on my performance, I would guess that it was about 16 miles.

As for the course -- it sucked. It always sucks. One of the reasons that it sucked (and always sucks) is that organizers are required to keep the entirety of the race within a single Chicago Police District. That is apparently why we were left with seven 90-degree turns in the last mile instead of simply extending the course south to 47th Street or further west in the early miles.

Clearly, it's difficult to do a 13-mile race within a single Police district.

Given that the Penguin cares very little about having a quality race experience -- this limitation is of no concern to him. He just shows up and cashes the checks.