Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Counting the days

For Ed, my allotment of 75 for the week would be a vacation. However, for my quads that are hurting a lot right now from the speed workouts, this is still a relatively tough week. Did 4 sets of 200s/hills this AM with Chris and then a Leach workout. Headed to St Louis this afternoon and just picked up a late night 8 miler after dinner (yes, Ed, after dinner) in Forest Park. Good hills, but more of a recovery run than anything else. It's due to rain tomorrow AM, so we'll see what it gives me.

Just a few more days and we head to Beantown. I'm ready for this to be over!!!

LAST 100

Now I know coach Leach is not a big fan of the taper... but this last 100 mile week is lasting too long.

Attempted a 10 mile LT but I was derailed by the D word. It rhymes with gonorrhea, but its much worse from a running stand point.

So after 8 miles (including a serious slow down on the last one) I headed for a public rest room, end of the line.

The first 3 miles were on a slight uphill, battling 20 mph head winds. Of course the next 5 were with a tail wind...


That 5:55 I felt pretty sick. I think I could have kept a solid 5:45 pace for a few more if disaster had not struck. oh well, I still feel pretty fit.