Saturday, March 1, 2008


My first bail out of the year. I headed out to do 25-30 this morning... It was snowing and after I did about 15 or so my feet were solid chunks of ice and I could not feel my hands. So I wimped out and went home, for a total 18... which puts me 7 miles short of the week's goal of 100. I dont feel like I have an excuse as some other guy kept going and did 25...

Oh well...


I went out again this PM. As part of my "punishment" for slacking this AM I did a 3 mile time trial. The splits show fatigue, but were still decent: 5:42, 5:44, 5:38 (Total for the 17:06, so about a 17:30 or so 5K). Total miles were 7, so I reached my week's goal after all. Yay.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just getting through this week

This week has been another one of those weeks! However, I have been attempting to "diversify" my workouts as my mileage is down prior to Hell Week next week. Yes, you did see Yoga in my routine on Monday and I also did a substantially difficult bike workout on Tuesday AM (see below) and an additional 7 miles in the evening.
This AM, I added 9 miles at a relatively slow pace. I felt I could have done much more, but also had time constraints... so there I am. For the week, I sit at a mere 30 miles right now. Not cause at all for concern on my side as I took Sunday off and am ready for the beating that Ed plans to deal out in Beantown next week. I'll be well rested and ready.....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2x3 miles CAN This be correct?

I ran this workout outdoors, and it was too dark to see my splits until I got home (so i ran by feel). I was surprised at the results enough to doubt the GPS...

Set 1 AVG heart rate 81% of MAX

(I find this last mile REALLY hard to believe. However, since I ran an extra 1/2 mile to make sure I did not cut the repeat too short, I know it was a full mile split, unless the GPS crapped out and gave me a short half)

Set 2 AVG HR 83% of MAX

Thats 2 5k PR's back to back.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Snow's back darnit!!!

Thankfully this is a down week, so tonight's sloppy and slippery snow isn't as impactful as it might be. Yoga this morning and 6.5 miles tonight was all I could muster without feeling like I was going to slip and fall. More snow coming in the next 24 hours. I guess we're not meant to have two good full weeks.

Soak up that good weather, JP.

Greetings from sunny Southwest FL!

It's paradise here. I'm not writing to rub it in... I've just been absent from the blog and thought I might explain my whereabouts... not that anyone cares.

I'm still running everyday -- sometimes two times a day -- down here. It's hot and humid and that is a welcome change from cold and icy.

I managed 58 miles last week. That may be my high mile mark for any point in the last 3 years.

I don't know what my weight is -- but I think it's down a bit. I've been lifting weights and running as much as I possibly can and I am sticking to my diet. Lots of fresh fish, fruit and vegetables to be had around here without much effort.

Glad to see you guys all put up killer weeks last week. Be careful, stay healthy -- I'll see you soon.

Short LT

This weeks LT is only 30-45 min mercifully. I was pleased with my results:


Total 47:09 avg 5:54 per mile. And yes, I did it indoors...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A little short

I know where this could go.

This blog is chocked full of good trivia. Today's lesson: the distance from the 3.3 mile marker to the 6 on the lake side of LSD is 2.3 miles.

So, as I did an out and back from the 3.3 to the 11 for the 1.5 hour LT, I hoped it would be 15 miles. Nope, but close enough. The Garmin says 1:28:36 for 14.43 miles, 6:08/mi.

Felt good most of the way. Heart rate stayed between 80-82%. Got a big blood blister on my right big toe and a cut on my left heel, but that's all the damage.

A little wind here and there. Temps were nice in the low 30s.

Here are the splits:

Picture 1.png

BTW, I think I got in between 95 and 100 miles last week. Need to get my training log updated.

Ditto on the day off...

End of my week was a hilly 18 (average pace 7:30), putting me at 120.

A cut back week next week!!! yuhhuuuu