Sunday, February 24, 2008

A little short

I know where this could go.

This blog is chocked full of good trivia. Today's lesson: the distance from the 3.3 mile marker to the 6 on the lake side of LSD is 2.3 miles.

So, as I did an out and back from the 3.3 to the 11 for the 1.5 hour LT, I hoped it would be 15 miles. Nope, but close enough. The Garmin says 1:28:36 for 14.43 miles, 6:08/mi.

Felt good most of the way. Heart rate stayed between 80-82%. Got a big blood blister on my right big toe and a cut on my left heel, but that's all the damage.

A little wind here and there. Temps were nice in the low 30s.

Here are the splits:

Picture 1.png

BTW, I think I got in between 95 and 100 miles last week. Need to get my training log updated.


Matt said...

So I'm assuming that you blew off that impromptu Half Marathon for earlier in the day. Nice effort given the week!!

JP said...

What is the 3.3 marker??? Do you mean 3.5?

Also, I have to say Chris... you get more blisters and foot related problems than any other marathoner I've ever known.

Have you been to a podiatrist? Someone has to be able to help you with this.