Saturday, May 10, 2008

Schedule Updated w/ Ed's Suggestion...


Rick, you should sell that training plan... its so nice and colorful... (Bill might get jealous...)

I do not see any circles for the lemonade diet on there ?!?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Going on the record...

Okay. I am ready for my comeback now. The achilles is about 90% and after a couple of slow runs, I'm longing to get back into PR shape.

It's going to be tuff, but I figured the first step was to create myself a training schedule. Step 2 is actually following it. So for anyone who cares to join me on some training runs/races this summer, I'm posting my training schedule. Looking forward to trying to keep up with you guys.

Contact me know if you want the Excel version.

Fridays at the Glen

Charming name. Tough workout. Matt and I tried the first installment of Friday hill training for 2008: a tempo run at WFG.

Today's was hopefully quite leisurely when viewed in September's rear view, but it was start.

Bosco probably had the best performance of the three.

My preliminary summer routine follows:

Sun - Long run
Mon - Tempo
Tue - Recovery
Wed - Speed / tempo
Thu - Recovery
Fri - Tempo
Sat - Recovery

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Its making me nervous to see that count down clock now that i cant run... drat!

Monday, May 5, 2008

5K PR?

I was working for Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan in January of 1997.  It was a Saturday morning when my pager went off.  When I returned the page to the Attorney General's home telephone number, I was advised that Jim and his wife Marie discovered their 12 year old daughter Annie had passed away in her sleep from an undetected brain tumor.  Annie was the youngest of their six children.  

At the time Jim Ryan himself was battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma and was deep into an intensive chemotherapy regimen that was doing its best to destroy his body.  With the loss of Annie he could have easily had his spirit destroyed as well.  He didn't though.  He survived his cancer and a second bout a few years later and he and his wife and their family have honored Annie's life every day since her passing with their tireless efforts on behalf of others.  

Earlier this year Jim and Marie lost another of their children, their youngest son Patrick. Despite the pain of another unexplained loss, they continue to move forward with their efforts to raise money for causes which honor the memory of both Annie and Patrick.

One such effort is the Annie Run.  This May 18th  will be the 9th Annual running of this 5K race. Proceeds from this event benefit the Midwest Children's Brain Tumor Center at Lutheran General Hospital.  The event is held in Elmhurst, Illinois along the Prairie Path and is flat and fast.  Good place to post a 5K PR while benefiting a great cause.   Please come run, bring friends and get a new 5K PR.

Here's the website for more info: