Tuesday, November 21, 2006

and again....

No run today.... sigh!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Took a day off. Now I feel bad... Maybe I'll LT tomorrow to make up for it. I figure if I do 6 @ LT (48 laps at the indoor track) I will be vindicated.

Oh no you ditt’int!

Chris and Ed, you would have been proud. Not that were overly competitive, but…

So Friday morning, I was running along the Lakefront path minding my own business. Progressively I hear the footsteps of someone coming up fast behind me. I move to the right to make way as a sign of respect for this faster runner. This dude passes me, and I expect to see Chris Wehrman-like local running stud to appear. However, the guy who appears is some dude in his late 20’s wearing a white cotton long sleeve t-shirt he got in some 5K. Secondly, this backward hat wearing frat boy is swinging his arms wildly as he runs on ahead of me. I am just out for a recovery run, but “Oh, hells no”. The running pecking order had just been challenged. The “Dude Abides”, so I must respond.

I picked up the pace (maybe 6:45ish) for the pass. He immediately surges, but I counter keeping about 5-10 feet ahead of him. Now he’s hooked. I stay just within his reach enough to give him hope. I still feel pretty comfortable, but I can hear his breathing getting louder and louder. How long can I keep get him hanging in there? He musters a couple more surges which amuse me to no end and I can hear him seriously huffing and puffing now. This continues for only about ¼ mile, and then suddenly, I hear the relative quietness of only my own footsteps. He’s dropped. This may qualify as gloating, but I can’t resist doing the obligatory backward run for about 20 feet just to observe him walking and struggling to catch his breath.

It was a great little running pick me up.

Continuing my firsts

Did the first long run of the Boston 07 training effort. Nothing spectaular, but enough of a kickstart to keep it going.


Sunday: Long Run - 16 miles / Total time: Just more than 2:00

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Long Run

Ran for about 2:40 today... I figure I was somewhere between 18 and 20 miles. I'm pooped, obviously will need some time for the endurance to return. Oh well, this is after all the ENDURANCE phase of the new training cycle. Its nice running in the New England woods...