Saturday, March 22, 2008

The week has ended...... snow again

50 degrees midweek.... then snow on the weekend. Blew a good oppty to get out to Barrington for some HILLS. Did 20ish with JP on the lakefront this AM. Footing south of Navy Pier was awful, but I was surprised by the quality of the plowing everywhere else. Tax dollars are actually being spent on plowing.
Finished the week just under 90 miles. I'm looking to at least equal that next week, but travels (3 cities, 3 days) will dictate whether I get some of the doubles I need to get there.
Time is ticking on Boston. I'm there for endurance, but worry about whether the speed/endurance combo will come together. Nasty set of LTs will prove that out, I believe.

Friday, March 21, 2008

29 miles to go

Thats what i need to meet the mileage goal for the week -my week ends tomorrow-. Its doable. i actually thought there was no way in hell i could make it, considering he amount of school work i had this week...

But sleep deprivation saved the day!

now im off the bed...


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

JP the taskmaster

45 minutes of relatively decent LT today. Was actually passed by JP on the downwind section (girth assists when running with the wind) of the Humboldt Park loop... I will come up with my special name for this course. In the mid 6s for much of the run.

10 miles yesterday at a low 8 pace, preceded by 13 miles on Monday at a recovery pace (yes, I really did a recovery run).

Massage this afternoon and back at it tomorrow. Time's running out.... hoping to get a high 80 mile week out of this.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Small Victories @ Cary

I heard rumor of me "laying down a mattress" because of the long mileage weekend from Boston, but I was unwilling to listen to that talk. Instead, my goal was to run the hills differently, somewhat similar to the way I rode IM Wisconsin on my bike last year.... easy uphill, power and fast downhill. So with that in mind, I took the second mile of Cary at a significantly elevated pace. Each downhill was met with more speed, each uphill with a metered level of effort. You'll see in the jpg below that my HR didn't elevate up the hills significantly, so that's a win for me.

The other component of today's run was my sole victory against Tom Estka. He has edged me in everything from the Pleasant Prairie Duathlon, Galena Duathlon, to many many races here in Chicago. He pulls out just enough to get it done and it drives me NUTS. He's now got a loss in his W/L column. Kevin McCarthy took a front row seat to the battle and informed me that Estka had been "marking" me since the start (I saw him at 1/2 mile). Estka finally took a brief lead at the top of the 9.5 mile hill. However, he relaxed at the top (which was followed by a decent downhill grade into the neighborhood) which was his mistake. I retook my lead on him and then hammered as much as I had left until the finish. He didn't get too much closer from the finish.

I actually PR'd at this event for my half (something on which I hope to improve even more this year) by about 7 seconds over Cal City. I'm fairly certain, however that this distance is legitimately correct vs Cal City. God knows the hills are worth something.

Chris, you're too hard on yourself on this one. Save that pain and suffering for Boston where it REALLY matters.

New Bedford half marathon

Battling some head winds and hills I pulled off something like 1:16:30 (unofficial) for a 5:50 pace. Felt good the entire way, finished comfortably. All in all a good day and a PR by more than 1 minute...

No good explanation

I have been training harder than ever. I am lighter than ever. My tempo workouts and intervals seem to suggest I am in better shape. Yet today, just 1:20:19.

My only answer is I didn't push myself. I just didn't have the guts for the pain today. I was pretty comfortable the entire race. I couldn't keep the legs turning over quickly enough. Maybe part of it is just lack of experience on the hills. Late in the race, I turned in 5:48 mile on the flat straight away. Ugh.

Or, I'm just not in the shape that I dreamed.

On the bright side, icing the calves seems to be relieving most of the achilles symptoms.

Here are my splits for the record.

Ed, I hope you did better.