Sunday, March 16, 2008

No good explanation

I have been training harder than ever. I am lighter than ever. My tempo workouts and intervals seem to suggest I am in better shape. Yet today, just 1:20:19.

My only answer is I didn't push myself. I just didn't have the guts for the pain today. I was pretty comfortable the entire race. I couldn't keep the legs turning over quickly enough. Maybe part of it is just lack of experience on the hills. Late in the race, I turned in 5:48 mile on the flat straight away. Ugh.

Or, I'm just not in the shape that I dreamed.

On the bright side, icing the calves seems to be relieving most of the achilles symptoms.

Here are my splits for the record.

Ed, I hope you did better.


Ed said...

Dont get down on yourself, you are coming off a bad week. I remind you of my pathetic 1:22 at a half marathon this same weekend last year, followed by my comfortable Boston 2:46.

The point is, looking at your splits (and the faster later ones) I think you just had 1 bad race today.

I suggest you get your MOJO back by doing a solid LT next week... You dont need a race to prove anything. You are still on track for a sub 2:40, trust me.

Matt said...

I'm in town ALL week. Your mileage is my mileage, tonto.

Ed said...

tonto in spanish means "dumb ass". i believe the lone ranger was a bit of a biggot...

Danni said...

Someone the achilles injury and recent illness didn't make it into this analysis.

Maybe the secret to Cheryl's low-training PR magic is that she steals your mojo from you while you're sleeping.

Danni said...

that should be SOMEHOW

Matt said...
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