Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Back

Seven miles today in the 50F sunshine. It goes without saying, but I did it in shorts and no shirt. Felt awesome.

Items from the run:

  • Cricket Hill is in pretty decent shape.

  • There's a light pole with a pretty good lean to it just south of the CARA board that's gotta fall--and I will probably be under it when it does.

  • Today was the first time I have passed by the trough in months.

  • Some people still wear pants, gloves, hats, coats in weather like today--and they stare at me, but shouldn't I be the one staring?


JP said...

Glad to hear that you were back on the path. I can tell you that I ran on the path today in shorts and a long sleeve shirt... no staring. Maybe they were just staring at you because you're a hot piece?

Ed said...

They were staring at the large bulge on your pants. Was it an armadillo?

JP said...


Danni said...

If you do not go under the pole it can't fall on you.

You owe me your life now for that advice.