Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ledesma Muffin Top

The Ledesma Muffin Top Effect has started. 1 week without running and there is already a noticeable increase of the belly area...

One can only imagine what it will look like after I get back from Spain in mid July...


fatty eddy

Tues LT Report: 4 miles @ 6:30*

Tuesday night was a perfect night for an LT. Nice temps, and for once no real wind. We also had celebrity runner appearances by Bob Fencl and Kevin M to push the pace. Pearman ran strong even with running a 1/2 Marathon just 2 days ago. John McGreal was like the energizer rabbit out there. I'm not sure his legs are even moving when he's running. He just sort of glides along the ground hitting his base drum. Okay, strike the base drum part.

* Full Disclosure: The Ledesma shortcut at the Lawrence underpass was taken.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Nice job Chris... on your way back.

I myself have not run in almost one week. The long slide down has begun!

See us soon

Monday, May 7, 2007

First long run

Well, 8.96 miles in 1:10, if you call that a long run. The ankle is a little sore today. Other than that, I felt and still feel pretty good.


No time to run... End of year exam upon me! It is an oral exam in front of a panel... like the inquisition!

Aggghhh I cant wait to be done!

I will be in chi-town for 5 days, May 20 - 25...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bloomsday....hills & hills

After a decent performance last week at Ravenswood, it was time to head west to Spokane for the Bloomsday Run 12k. I was assured of a PR on this course because it was the first time that I had ever run it. Unfortunately, the "seeding" priority for this race makes the second seed very challenging to make, thus putting me back with the masses. Lots of new running shoes with cotton socks. Additionally, with the second seed was the "Corporate Cup" runners , aka slow people running/walking 5 wide for their company competition. I was dodging them less than a mile ahead even though the staged the waves by 5 minutes.

Bloomsday is a good race, nice course, but the hills are legitimate leg burners. The course starts with about 3/4 mile flat followed by another 3/4 mile of significant downhill. You are repaid by a bi-level burner that is about 1 1/4 mile long. Another 1/2 mile of flat, 1/2 mile of downhill and then Doomsday. I would rate the first hill as more challenging, but Doomsday comes in at 5 miles in and with exhaustion factor, I could see it taking its toll.

I slipped in a 49:34, about 95 seconds slower than I'd hoped, but reasonably satisfied. Additionally, Dani and Jen cruised in around 1:13 with a bathroom break that might even make Ed proud. Photos and course elevation below. I think this would be an interesting run to get a "crew" to attend next year or the following. With 45, 000 participants, it is a legitimate big run with some good pain sprinkled in......