Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ledesma Muffin Top

The Ledesma Muffin Top Effect has started. 1 week without running and there is already a noticeable increase of the belly area...

One can only imagine what it will look like after I get back from Spain in mid July...


fatty eddy


JP said...

What marathon are you running in the fall, Ed? Chicago? NYC? Milwaukee?

Thumper was considering doing NYC as his target to give himself a few extra weeks of training. I'm still hoping Chicago is in the cards for me.

Glad to hear the muffin top is coming back... Chris has lost his MT... and I think it's a shame. Your running performances are even more impressive when done with the presence of a prominent MT.

Rick said...

"One can only imagine what it (MT)will look like after I get back from Spain in mid July..."

Since you'll probably be getting a lot of sun while in Spain, I am going to have to go with a "bran muffin top".