Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tues LT Report: 6 Miles @ 6:27

Coach called for 45 minutes @ LT. There was a light rain coming down which filled me with a certain amount of dread for the upcoming workout. As we got going the rain actually felt quite refreshing and then shut off after about 15 minutes into the run. I was pleasantly surprised to be hitting my time splits (going for 6:30's). After all was said and done, it really felt great out there tonight.

The rain kept the turnout pretty low. Fearghal and John M were the only others who showed up to run the LT. When finished both Fearghal and my legs had a nice stucco finish from the sloppy path. Too bad JP didn't show up. It would have been a great night for splashing through the puddles.

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JP said...

sorry to have missed the opportunity to do some puddle jumping... I was hosting some folks at a White Sox game. We didn't call it off until 6:30... too late to get to the workout.