Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Annie Ryan Run - Elmhurst - May 20th - 9 AM

My former boss has a 5K in Elmhurst each year to honor the memory of his daughter who died ten years ago as a result of an undetected brain tumor. Proceeds benefit the Children's Brain Tumor Center at Lutheran General. http://annierun.com/main.html

It's a good cause and an opportunity to WIN a 5K for anyone that can run under 18:45. In past years... that's what it took to win.

If you guys are interested... we could do a few miles on the Prairie Path, run the race and then do another hour or so on the Prairie Path.

I think the race starts at 9. Rumor has it that Ed will be in town. I'll be driving past Forest Park on my way to Elmhurst (Ed's hometown) if anyone wants to ride along or get picked up on the way.

Brunch at Egg Harbor to follow the race and any post-race miles.

I'm thinking I will look to run for an hour or so before the race and another hour after the race.

Any takers?


Rick said...

I wasn't sure about this since I didn't want to miss a long run. But if we can make a long run out of it, I'm in. Prairie Path would be a good change of scenery.

Anonymous said...

boys what all the talent comes from the town of elmhurst ed now me. i think i am seeing a pattern developing here. i am totally down with the 5k and then a run on the path... at a easy pace. fortunitly i would got the rabbiting out of my system from the race. i dont know if you want to drop an email or post it