Sunday, March 9, 2008

CAVEMAN is over!

The caveman weekend with Matt and Ed as victims / participants is complete. Unfortunately our good buddy Chris was layed out by a mercyless flu and missed the fun. Which was:

Friday PM: 15 miles, with 12 @ LT pace. Coming on the heels of a 130 mile week my pace sucked ass, starting at 6:00 and ending near 6:25, with an average of 6:10-6:15.

Saturday AM: Slow but gruelling 18 miler on hilly terrain, including part of the race course and the dreaded summit avenue hill to boot (1/2 mile long, 300 foot elevation change). We did that twice, declined the third repetition. A solid hill workout at a slow-ish pace. AVG PAce: 9:00, Elv change: 4100 feet.

Saturday PM: 200 repeats. 20x200 at an avg. 37 sec for me. In the rain, at the outdoor track. nasty and cold, slight wind in the back stretch. Including warm up and cool down a total 5 miles.

Sunday AM: The big DADDY. Marathon course plus return to ed's, total 30 miles. AVG PAce 8:30, Elevation change 3200 feet.


Chris said...


Good job, fellas.

JP said...

Not at all jealous.

Danni said...

Nice work!!!

Brian said...

I think you guys just redefined the term March Madness. Congrats on completing your caveman stint - very impressive!