Wednesday, March 19, 2008

JP the taskmaster

45 minutes of relatively decent LT today. Was actually passed by JP on the downwind section (girth assists when running with the wind) of the Humboldt Park loop... I will come up with my special name for this course. In the mid 6s for much of the run.

10 miles yesterday at a low 8 pace, preceded by 13 miles on Monday at a recovery pace (yes, I really did a recovery run).

Massage this afternoon and back at it tomorrow. Time's running out.... hoping to get a high 80 mile week out of this.


JP said...

Ha! Yes. Girth does come in handy in certain situations. Weight has plateaued... I was 154 pounds today with 15.5% body fat. I need to resort to drastic measures to drop these last 10-15 pounds.

In the meantime, I'll use it to my advantage where and when I can.

Ed said...

nice job JP. I see your still on the comeback trail. Well be playing the theme for rocky soon...