Friday, May 9, 2008

Fridays at the Glen

Charming name. Tough workout. Matt and I tried the first installment of Friday hill training for 2008: a tempo run at WFG.

Today's was hopefully quite leisurely when viewed in September's rear view, but it was start.

Bosco probably had the best performance of the three.

My preliminary summer routine follows:

Sun - Long run
Mon - Tempo
Tue - Recovery
Wed - Speed / tempo
Thu - Recovery
Fri - Tempo
Sat - Recovery


Rick said...

This looks good. Perhaps if I move my LT's to your Recovery days we might be able to run together.

JP said...

What time are you doing your WFG LT workouts?

Chris said...

We'll start as early as peeps need to. We left at 5:45 from the Manor on Mozart last week, ran 10 and were home before 8:30.