Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The LONG road back...

3 days straight. That's right f-ers. Look out.

I will post my workout if for no other reason than to clearly demonstrate the stark difference between good training (see posts from Ed and Chris) and really poor training.

I did an LT today (before the polls opened!!!). My first LT since late August according to my training log. 35 minutes at a 7:13/mile pace which demanded an average heart rate of 84% from me. Wow is that bad.

Given that 7:13/mile is slower than my fairly recent (last year) long run pace -- I'm amazed (and amused) by how far I've fallen and fast I got here.

On the positive side -- I ran 10 total miles today -- pushing my weekly mileage to 32 with 4 days left in the week.

The negative -- 165 pounds (16.3% Body Fat).

Damn you pizza.

Lent starts tomorrow. I'm giving up everything but work and running... and maybe one or two other non-food related things.

Richard: Better send me the lemon diet directions.


Ed said...

I'm proud of you. Dont push too fast, though.

Chris said...

Ed's proud? I'm proud.


JP said...

Thanks fellas. Bring on the lemons and maple syrup.