Friday, February 8, 2008

Back to Cricket on Fridays

Not the perfect day for returning for the Friday Ledesma Memorial Hill Run. The snow on Cricket is not uniformly deep nor trampled. The south access has a lot of deeper snow closest to the path with a deep section also right before the summit (if you can call it such). The west side is just a plain mess.
So, not so much fun for the circuits that I did today. Great time for B, but I have decided he enjoys runs when:
a. Snow creates poor footing for humans (or others on this blog that don't qualify for that description)
b. I'm exhausted and draggin' ass
c. He's been in the house most of the week and I've been traveling

I had all of the above this week. Maybe tomorrow and Sunday will be better. Off to San Fran for a run on Monday AM. There will be hills there... we'll see if I can manage them.

Moving forward, unless I'm out of town on Friday, the hill run is back on the schedule. Giddy up, boys.


JP said...

See you in June.

Danni said...

Something like this:

On some old shoes would be a great way to continue doing Cricket Hill in the snow and nastiness. I have screws in my shoes, through they are fancy screws that I am "wear testing," and they are great! They are not great on dry pavement though.

Ed said...

I have been trying to get some good screws for years. For my shoes I mean.