Friday, February 8, 2008

4 more

Did 4 more miles today as a recovery from the ball-busting core/strength/power workout that I participated in at Vision Quest Thursday night. It's one hell of a good workout... but I am pretty f-ing sore today. I did a training session with Bill this morning -- which was also rough given the 11 hours of recovery I had from Thursday night's torture session and then went out for 4 easy miles on side streets in Bucktown.

I'm still fat. 158 pounds today (down 7 lbs since Monday!) with 18.8% body fat and my appetite is out of control. Lots of belly fat to shake.


Danni said...

If you can lose 7 pounds in less than a week I request that you STFU about being fat! It is so unfair!!! If I could lose 7 pounds in less than a week I'd, I'd, I can't even imagine!

xoxoxo :p

Ed said...

No need to coddle him, he is FAT! but he is going about getting rid of it rather well. I am impressed by the rapid loss as well.

JP said...

HA! Nice one Danni. It ended up being 6 pounds in a week. (I put on one pound yesterday.) It's simply evidence of the fact that I was doing nothing but eating until recently. I still have 20 pounds to go... I'm sure it will take more than 3 weeks!