Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday: Ins & Outs

Great workout. In summary, it was ~6.5 miles of Ins/Outs and 12.3 miles total.

It's hard for me to understand and or explain this workout in terms of heart rate or pace. My pace was nothing fantastic, but that may be wind-related in the first half--regardless it seems like my Outs were too slow. My heart rate percentage doesn't even come close to following the workout's prescription, again likely because of the cold temperature. But I was able to rehearse that "fast" technique. And it felt good. I posted a screen shot of the Garmin workout log if you're interested.

Weather was in the mid-teens with Sun and wind out of the south, so I wore shorts. Lots of weird looks and comments, but I honestly got hot on the return trip north.


Ed said...

Looks like a VERY solid workout...

Danni said...

What program do you use with your Garmin? I'm just using whatever it came with and it's kinda useless.