Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Freezin' but running

Wow, was it cold yesterday AM!!!!
Before Chris headed to the "tropics" of Dallas (low of 48ish), we endured a blast of cold in the 6a hour. Not fun, but we got a few decently quick steps in around Montrose loop. Just over 7 mi in the AM.

On to the PM. JP, I enjoyed, really enjoyed a couple slices of pizza before heading out on my PM run (Iron stomach rules!!) around 915p. 8 degrees out, but somehow it felt warmer than the same temp at 630a. Might have been my mind. Footing was better on Milwaukee Ave & Ashland Ave than the Lakeshore Trail. Mayor Daley, is there a good explanation for that?

14.2 miles in for the day. Not bad for a day that many hardly left the inside to endure. I have my sights set on a 12 mi or so LT today. We'll see what happens.

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JP said...

Mmmmm. Pizza.