Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Following 4 easy miles with some hills thrown in last night on the treadmill -- I did a 30 minute LT on the treadmill. Did 4.75 miles in the 30 minutes at LT -- which is around 6:18 (?) pace or so. Felt fine. Heart rate didn't creep over 84% at any point and was closer to 80% most of that time. It started creeping up at the end -- but just because I'm in lousy aerobic shape. 9 miles for the workout counting warm-up and cooldown miles.

Fairly encouraging.

Finished with a core and strength circuit (From Core Performance for Endurance Athletes by Mark Verstegen --- great book if you don't already have it... covers diet and exercise and understands the calorie demands of endurance training).

155 lb/16.6% fat

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Ed said...

attaboy. those splits sounds like some of your best in the last couple of years. a very good sign...