Sunday, February 17, 2008

Round and Round.... and round

Someone kill me if I have to do another 20 miler at East Bank Club again. Wonderfully warm weather here in Chicago... but I waited too long and downpour ensued. So nothing like 80 laps or so of pure hell inside with a bunch of goofballs attempting to run 2 miles each at EBC. Chris and I managed to keep a decent pace for much of it, but was really bored on this one. Now the rain's freezing onto the pavement. Makes a decision about tomorrow AM all the more difficult. Need a double tomorrow and Tuesday. What to do????

This winter's weather sucks more than any for running that I've endured in the last 4. I can take the cold (to a point), but the footing is completely dangerous. I don't want to end up cracking my head open (wouldn't injure me if that happened) or breaking a wrist.

Thank God I've been traveling for work. Seems like the best runs have been out of town this winter. CA in the first week of March, pre-Boston Caveman.

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JP said...

I will find a new hobby before doing 20 miles on an indoor track. This winter has been brutal. You guys get high marks for your willingness to do 80 freaking laps.