Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lemont... you can keep it

Chris and I plodded through 15+ in Lemont yesterday, lured by the course that was posted on the USATF site. First, it took us about 75 minutes to get out there in the early afternoon because of pothole patching on I-55. Then the idiot who posted the course has no respect for their own life since the first portion was on a narrow, windy and slightly hill TWO lane road with NO shoulder.

We started in Lemont, looking for hills. We found them, but once again there was little shoulder for running. The course that we cobbled together was, at best 7 miles long. Three good hills, but not worth the drive. We were mid 7's through much of the run until Chris popped his Cliff Blox and then he took off with a couple low 7's to finish.

I vote for Cary or Barrington next time....


JP said...

Cary next weekend?

Chris said...

Looking for a red shirt and pair of gloves.