Friday, February 15, 2008


Wasn't sure what the footing would be on the lakefront path -- so I did 10 miles in Humboldt Park. It was completely clear -- aside from the neighborhood riff-raff. They are filming a movie of some kind in the park right now -- must be a big deal. There were 14 trailers and lots of film equipment and union thug types hanging out doing whatever it is that Teamsters do on film sets. If they are using HP as the backdrop -- must be a crime film.

No star sightings though -- too f-ing cold. I underestimated the cold due to the fact that the sun was out. It was still pretty nasty out there. I did see one suspicious looking handshake between a dude on a bike and someone in a car... other than that, no drive-bys and no fresh chalk lines.

Aside from a few taunts (that's what you get for wearing tights into an underserved neighborhood) -- it was a good route. It's a good option for you Matty now that you're temporarily "WEST SIDE". There is also a decent little sledding hill there.

Also did a strength/power/core session with Bill. Saw Sweney at Accelerated. His "downhill" training session on the Michigan slopes netted him a strained MCL. He's on the shelf for a couple of weeks.

156 lb/ 16.6% body fat


Ed said...

we say: WESt SIYEEEEED whitey.

JP said...

We? You mean you and your friends from Elmhurst???

Matt said...

I may make it down there today.... beats driving to the lakeshore when I'm likely only to need about 7 miles today. Thanks for the suggestion, JP.
Weight is gonna keep coming down. Chris and I are going to double up next week on a few days, if you want to try.