Wednesday, February 13, 2008

F this snow!!!

So there is nearly ZERO good consistent footing in town. Either there's scattered icy patches or the jackasses that own the property don't even make an effort to clean the walks (that includes Mayor Daley and his running trail crew). There was a reasonably decent stretch on the lakeshore trail if you could avoid the ice and Chris and I attempted a mid-length run this evening. Our plan, head to Montrose for a couple laps around "Sodomy Circle" or "Proposition Park" in the early evening. Other than dodging the cars backed in to parking spots, our hope was there would be no ice or snow. Just as we planned..... except Gastro-king Woods had another incident. Ed, I think he's filling in for you now that you're in Boston.

Despite Chris' problems, I had a decent middle section of the run, keeping it in the low 7's for about 6 miles. All in all, I had 16.4 today. I found my depletion point for now (assuming diet and timing) is around 15.75 miles. I slogged it in from there.

Next week the plan is for doubles on Monday, Tuesday and hopefully Friday. Big mile week!!!


Ed said...

hope you are using the YAk tracks

JP said...

Lots of good lines in here Matt. Nice work.