Monday, March 3, 2008

Mother Nature is a mean hearted B*tch

So at 530a this morning, it was pouring rain... I mean POURING rain, so I opted to take my travel day and hope for an opportunity for a late night run in WARM Sacramento. Low and behold, American cancels my 345p flight... so I rush to the airport so that I can get to Dallas for my connection. Job done.

It snowed in Dallas beginning around 630p tonight. Between waiting in line for de-icing (which we never got to) and refueling (because we were running out of fuel from waiting so long), the pilot's legal time for work expired. So did my chance of making it out of Dallas (and I HATE Dallas, I really do).

Long story short.... no run today, no clean clothes for tomorrow until I arrive in Sacramento. Kinda makes JP's comment posts about "taint" not seem so bad. I'm running at least 13 tomorrow night. No dinner for me then.... I'm stuck at 19.2 as I go to sleep tonight.

We deserve at least 30 days of good running leading up to Boston. That's all I ask for at this point.

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JP said...

The taint is feeling much better. Thanks for asking.