Sunday, March 2, 2008


What a difference a little warm weather makes. I topped 70 miles last week -- for the first time in the last 4 years. Hard to believe I've been dealing with nagging injury stuff this long... but I checked my training logs and my last 70+ mile week was in January of 2004.

Did a 23 mile run on Saturday in nice 80 degree sunshine... and then back here to run in icy, crappy slush today. The time in Florida was good for my training. I'm slow and still pretty achy... but the miles are coming much easier than they have in a very long time. Now the challenge is to keep this momentum going in this climate.

I feel like I've lost weight and my clothes aren't as tight as they were... but the scale says I've only dropped a couple more pounds. 156 lbs - 16.1% body fat.

I have 62 miles planned for this cutback week.

Ed - take it easy on Matt in Boston (with the mileage -- the rest of the things you do to him is your business). You guys (Ed, Chris and Matt) are poised to run a great race in April. Don't f-it up in March.

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Matt said...

Good to see you back.... well, sorta.