Sunday, January 27, 2008

Waddle On

Because the path was pretty snow-covered on Saturday, I bagged the 10 x 1 mile. The forecast for Saturday afternoon and Sunday suggested that conditions would be pretty good for the repeats. Well, I didn't feel good when I woke this morning and since I wasn't going to do the long run with everyone else, I decided that I would wait until it warmed up this afternoon. Big mistake. The combination of not feeling well and brunch with Fearghal and Suzanne at Stanley's pretty much sabotaged my effort this afternoon. I got about 12 miles total, but mostly slow plodding.

Matt and I are planning to do 15-20 in the morning.

And therefore I am a wuss... <--Ed wrote that


Ed said...

Wow Chris, its impressive, you admit you are in fact a wuss!

BTW I did not dig your Penguin reference...

Danni said...

If you didn't feel good but still ran, I would say that's pretty good. Better than not running at all. I have to respectfully (or not) disagree with Ed on that one.

Although, was your concern about the path safety or speed? Because the effort is what matters, right? :-)