Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I even impressed myself....

So today I went out for a medium long run, planning to do 15 or so. I got early and was out the door running by 5:45 AM, doing about 8:30's or so, nothing to get excited. About 10 miles into this I felt the call, so I cut the run short and ran to the Harvard indoor track to use the "facilities". At this point I had done 12 miles, average pace 8 min according to Dr. Garmin. Not fast, not slow...

Here is where it gets good. After I unloaded the goods and felt much better, i decided to do some repeat miles for laughs and giggles. Mind you I was fairly tired and wearing my heavy training shoes, but here are my splits for a 5x1mile with 200 meter jogs between each mile:


At this point I called it quits rather than risk injury, although I think I may have been able to crank 1 or 2 more...

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