Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday: Do What You Can Do

A combination of work, dog duty and The Spirit of the Marathon (review later) left me cramped for workout time on Thursday.

I did manage about 5.25 miles at tempo effort. I am not sure about tempo pace. I was able to get my heart rate to stay at or above 80%--something I haven't been able to do in the really cold weather lately--but the pace looks like it was about 6:12, according to Uncle Garmin.

I did not get the strength circuit done like I wanted to. I had everything set up at home to do it after the LT workout, but ran out of time.

I am planning to get a double in today for a total of about 18-20 miles and the 10 x 1 mile tomorrow with a total of 14-15 miles. That will put me in the 72-75 mile range for the week.


Danni said...

Hey -- I've noticed that my HR is really low in this zero degree weather (or below zero) -- like 125average HR over 10 miles -- even though I feel like I'm running a normal pace -- is it because of the cold? I was wondering if I was getting lazier even.

Chris said...

I asked Bill this question. He was going to look for answer. I'll follow up with him tomorrow.

I hear Bears do wonders for increasing heart rate.

Ed said...

quit bragging about your low heart rates guys!!!

Chris said...

Why did I capitalize Bears in my previous comment?

Chris said...


I posted our question to the authors of a blog called the Science of Sport--'s full of useful info.