Monday, June 11, 2007

North Shore Half

Congrats to Richard on an outstanding race at the North Shore Half on Sunday.

Though his 1:23:54 is likely not a PR at this distance... it was an outstanding time in the heat and humidity in Highland Park. Rick has the burden of being in the ultra-competitive 35-39 age group. As a result, his great finish was still only good for 7th in that age group.

Here are the race results:

It's a nice course with some rolling hills and one steep but short hill around 9 miles into the race. We were serenaded throughout the race by the calls of cicadas. It's really amazing how loud those bastards are.

Jordan Dubow won the race. The race finishes with a lap around the track. You may recall that Jordan's brother Jeremy's favorite story to tell is the one where Jordan was arrested while running on a track some years ago when some old bag claimed he brushed her while trying to get around her. She called the cops and they arrested him - forcibly removing him from the track. Well ... this was the same track. Jordan avoided arrest on Sunday and cruised to an easy victory. Though there may have been some offensive touching during the race -- that was done mostly by Cahn.

Great race Rick.

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Rick said...

Thanks JP. It certainly was a PR for me on that course!

Good job to you as well. Rumor has it that you did your long run the day prior to the race.