Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Training Plan

I’ve recently put together a new training plan for this summer. The plan is designed to fit well on your fridge to be a constant reminder to get out there and run. Of course, you can easily adapt this to your own specific training needs. This planner is the culmination from several sources to blend in with our already existing races and training runs:

  • From Pfitzinger I took the overall phase development and long run target mileage.
  • From the McMillan Calculator I set the intensity levels (adjust to your needs)
  • Incorporated the major Chicago medium long tune up races
  • Incorporated our CARA Tuesday evening LT runs.
  • Incorporated our Friday morning "Ledesma" Montrose Hill Workouts
  • Threw in a few “over-distance” runs.

Hope you find this useful. Also, I am hoping that we can at least get our schedules in synch enough for a field trip or two to knock out the over-distance runs. Please let me know if you have suggestions for improvement. Download here.

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Chris said...

Great document, man.