Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not so cold here fallas... come on down !

Yep. its a balmy 28 today, 20 with the wind chill. basically Alaskan summer conditions. I had a long run (a 20 miler) and did it with the Cambridge Running Club. There was some general amazament at the fact that I was wearing shorts, so i had to put the balmy conditions in perspective for them by referring what you poor chicago sods are enduring. then I demosntrated the effects of real cold by showing off the wind burns in my legs, which I still have since we did the cary run 2 weeks ago.

At any rate, it was a fast 20 (at a 2:22, basically slightly sub 3:10 pace). This was good, i hung in with their fastest guys and we ran in part of the race course, getting quite a few hills. Incidentally, i did not see any girls by Wellesley.

Another thing to report, my weight is back down to 155, so with a little luck i can get it to 145 by Boston time.

I'm starting to enjoy running again!


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Chris said...

That's generous. Have you ever seen the girls at Wellsley?