Friday, February 9, 2007

Solo Hill

Ok, so after much email traffic about a weekly hill run, I have been on the hill 2 of the last 3 weeks without anyone from that email list (Ed you're excluded since yours was a "Cameo" appearance). Today, 2 degrees at 545a when I left the house.

Highlights of the day:

Bosco exited early. Bare paws on 2 degree pavement caused him to begin "three legging" it only a half mile into the run. So now, definitely no partner for the hill run.

Fearghal slipped by as I was about to leave the hill after about 30 mins. He was there "just to check the footing" so I made him spend about 5 rotations on the hill. Good Irishmen are not intimidated by the cold!!!

Ed..... drop the books and get back to posting.

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