Monday, March 5, 2007

30 miles?..... are you crazy???

I enter this week completely exhausted from a high-intensity week of biking in the mountains and a very strenuous weekend. Ed, the thought of the entire Boston Marathon course is a tad daunting (you'll hoodwink me into it someway or another). After 90 minutes of LT riding on Saturday, followed directly by a 30 min LT run, yesterday's 21.5-22 miles run was significantly more draining than it would normally be.

Good news, however, is that we did find a good hilly run near Barrington, (Barrington High School is the start) that offers about 13-13.5 miles of good running. Rolling hills, little traffic and the like. Even saw about 5 deer wandering around the road, likely wondering what the heck we were doing. Ed is no longer allowed inside yet another gas station in the Chicago area. The move to Boston is becoming much more understandable as time progresses.

Off to Boston on Friday. Don't expect a rosey report on this blog next week.....

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