Saturday, July 5, 2008

Volkslaufe Stein Streak

What a great day to run in Frankenmuth on July 4. The temperature was probably on the high 50s at gun time, low humidity, no wind and partly cloudy. Perfect conditions for fast times and PRs.

A 19-year course record was broken by a Hanson Brooks athlete (something in the 1:01-1:02 range, but official results are not posted yet). The masters record was nearly broken by a 1:09 performance.

Neither Cheryl nor I had PR or even great performances, but we managed to get third in our age groups and add to our Stein collection started two years ago.

Cheryl did well to overcome her stomach flu she acquired on her last night with the Western States 100 crew in Sacremento. She looked good at the finish, but felt horrible--her normally cheerful race smile replaced by a menacing scowl.

I am OK with my time, but disappointed with my race execution. I planned to begin with a 6:05 and gradually bring that down to a 5:45 by the end of the race. Well, I got caught up with a good pack early in the race and did just the exact opposite. The Garmin has me at 1:14:46, a 6:01 pace. My first mile with that pack was 5:48. Not leaving enough in the tank for the end of the race is just silly because while the first half of the course is long, flat and straight, the second is gravel roads, rolling hills and lots of twists and turns. Although, I did manage to put together a 5:44 final mile. Hopefully, I learned my lesson--a prize that should be worth more than the stein.

We also got to use the disposable race chips. Not a bad experience other than not being a dead simple process to attach it to the shoe. It's probably easier to administer on the front end for bibs, etc. and easier on the runners and race directors to not have to collect them after the race.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Independence Day.


Ed said...

NICE JOB to the boda yous. I am jealous and glad you guys had such a good race!!!! awesome...

Danni said...

Awesome work! I feel so awful that Cheryl got sick. I'm glad she was able to get a stein nonetheless.