Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It is now official... according to the MRI I got last friday my mystery injury is a frectured pubis.... common crack whatever jokes you want. Apparently it dates back toi before the marathon (and explains why the raqce hurt so f-ing much) , early april, so it is already on the mend. I can now sustain 30-40 minutes of very easy running every other day. The comeback has begun!!!!!!

O wpnder if the high mileage was to blame? who knows...


Danni said...

Oh Ed!!!! Be careful with that broken ass :(

Your spelling leads me to wonder whether you have been drinking? :)

Ed said...

nah... just sloppy!!!!

are you going to try for the western states again next year?

JP said...

Ed. I'm glad to hear it's a stress fracture. If you give it the proper time to heal -- you should be able to avoid recurrence. I know that is easier said than done for you. This diagnosis makes your accomplishment in Boston even more impressive -- netting a PR while running with fractures in your pubic bones. You're a bad ass.

Oh... and I'm sure your 130 mile weeks had nothing to do with the injury! Jackass.

Get well soon. Look forward to gimping along with you later this month.