Friday, November 17, 2006


I did. I am actually back ON THE WAGON. The running wagon that is. I did 10 tonight, in pitch black condidtions. the pace was not much to talk about, maybe 8:00's I cant tell since there is no mile markers in any of these damn Boston trails. But it was slow. However, it was inspiring: I managed to berate some old lady on a bike who had the audacity to ask me to move over...

At any rate I was pumped as i found out that article about Coach's training methods which featured me as the proverbial "Boy Wonder" aka "The Freak that went from 8:30's to 6:15's in 2 years" somehow got printed in the New England Sports, the local version of Windy City Sports. So now I'm not only midwest famous, but world famous. Take that!

Anyway, you boys better get in gear 'cause I will school yous in the Turkey Trot!


By the way I added some images from the last Harvard party I attended. Note the wine spills in the front of the pin~ata shirt, as well as the sweat stains... Classy huh?

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