Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fastest tempo yet in 2009

I saw the storms on the radar and decided to head out this afternoon to get a tempo run before the rain. Besides, it was nearly ideal conditions with a slight wind and mid-60s temps.

I slipped on my Lunaracers, slapped on my Garmin and headed out.

The drops started somewhere on the North side of Cricket Hill and the wind picked up a little, so I turned around and made it home just as the thunder and big rain came down.

Here are the results. Pretty satisfied:

Picture 1.png


Danni said...

Wow!!! That's fast. Good start to the season. Sounds like your extra few pounds isn't hurting you too much.

Chris said...

Thank you. It is a good start. My fastet tempo beofroe Boston was about five weeks ago and I ran it about three seconds per mile slower. Good base to build on.