Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No pain here either

So on the topic of pain free..... I have actually rebounded this week in running. My idiotic attempt to run a respectable CDC (erroneously dubbed a half marathon) caused me nearly two weeks of calf spasms. I now have completed 5 runs in the last week of over 6 miles with minimal to no calf pain.
I am now absolutely officially out for the Chicago Marathon. As a result of my bike crash, I will be doing the Half Max Long Course National Championship the week following in Las Vegas. Would be ill-advised to try to even run any of Chicago (because I'd end up running the whole thing once I got started).
Course-side nutrition and hydration will be my duty for the day. Pearman, pick it up some otherwise I'll have to leave the post(s) before you get there.....

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Danni said...

Will Jen be going to Las Vegas as well? Did you know that Allegient Air will now be flying Las Vegas/Kalispell for $80 or something each way?