Friday, July 18, 2008

Chicago Marathon... to run or not to run???

So that may soon be "the question" for me as my running takes third seat to the other two sports of triathlon (although this week, not the case). I have begun to do an analysis of this year so far and the first reaction is that I have PILED intensity upon intensity with little time for recovery. Surprise! So, the next two weeks is about moderation for a brief time in preparation for Steelhead Half Ironman. Not looking to set the world on fire, but a sub 5 and a slot into the Halfmax Nationals in October is the ultimate goal. If successful, this will be the week following the Chicago Marathon.

Given Ed's current "condition," it is likely that if I go to Halfmax, we'll be taking a very leisurely approach to the Chicago Marathon. Don't look for us in the cheerleading section on the southbound section of Broadway, but don't look for anything approaching a fast time, that's for sure.


JP said...

I think I'm going to wreck something or fracture something so that I can skip Chicago too.

Ed said...

i can help.... and so can bosco