Thursday, May 29, 2008

My New Nemesis

Photos from the Soldier Field 10 just came out. If I pride myself on anything as a runner, it is being able to finish with a strong kick. Well, at the SF 10, I let 2 chuckle-heads outkick me in the last 50 yards. The running equivalent of fumbling the football for a turn over at the same location. It might have been able to fade with memory, but now there is photographic proof.

I can write off the backward hat wearing dude. He's not even wearing a number and probably just jumped in at the last minute. However, Casey Piper of Naperville, you are being put on notice that there will be a rematch this summer.


JP said...

YEAH! It's on. Ed would be so proud if he were sober enough to read this.

Danni said...

You're way better looking than either of those dudes and that's more important anyhow.