Friday, March 28, 2008


Lots of hot air here. This morning I presented at the conference - expectations were high, and i delivered... low.

Later, I headed to the Texas Tech outdoor track for my 90 minute LT.... (at least that was my original intention). I noticed there was a solid 20 MPH wind on one of the straight aways and suspected keeping pace was going to suck rocks. I decided for a slower pace to make my already depressed state have to endure less suffering. i could not even keep a 6 min pace though... and I did not get to 15 miles. The splits for 13. I followed up with some slow miles. Total was 20.:

6:05 6:02 6:04 6:00 5:59 6:03 6:04 6:06 6:12 6:05 6:10 6:12 6:12

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