Wednesday, August 1, 2007

All’s quiet on Cricket Hill

Thought we might need a July update for our permanent record.

Chris is back and smokin’ fast. Nice work on being very close to a sub-hour 10 miler at Waterfall Glen on a tough course. I was dragging ass about 2 minutes behind Chris. Safe to say he’s fully recovered from his injury and faster than ever.

Ed is back and he’s gotten most of the Portuguese sand is out of his whowho. Each week Ed’s running one mile further at 6 minute pace during speedwork. At this rate, it looks like I have less than 4 weeks remaining to be faster than Ed.

Yesterday’s speed work had an interesting moment. At mile 1.5 into the LT, some jackass biker was passing so close to me that he rode his bicep right into my elbow backswing. The spectacle part of it was that he must have gotten a muscle cramp because he pulled off slightly and hit his brakes just hard enough to then go over the handlebars. It all appeared to happen in slow-mo. Unfortunately, Chris and Ed were just enough ahead to miss the whole thing.

Next big goal race, for me at least, will be the CDC. Ed, sign up now! You can probably be able to get back up to speed for this one. I think we (Chris, Ed, and I) should all go sub-1:20.

Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10 top 100 finishers:
Place, Name, Age Grp Place, Time
28, Chris Woods, 5 (M 30-34), 1:00:26.3
38, Rick Kennedy, 5 (M 35-39), 1:02:25.9
59, Philip Kepler, 9 (M 40-44), 1:04:39.2
62, Brian Sweney, 7 (M 45-49), 1:04:46.6
99, John Pearman, 12 (M 35-39), 1:09:33.7

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