Monday, May 28, 2007

WOW, eulogized and not even dead YET!!!

After reading JP's more than generous assesment of my running acumen I feel so moved I want to go out and hug someone. Preferebly a 16 year old, large breasted girl. Just kidding, I meant 18.

Seriously, I am very pleased that JP has joined our little blog, eat your heart out marathon pundit, no politics here this is a strictly BI-party-san venture which revolves around the love of running, and how fat who is getting due to the strange muffin top effect.

Now for a disclosure: I have been slacking. Today I woke up at noon, and missed a half marathon that started at 8 AM and which was to be my swan song till mid july. Need less to say, the guilt is killing me.

Then, I open the blog, after being AWOL for a few weeks, and find JP's praise, its words burning a guilt path through my rapidly enlarging belly (no Chris, I'm not pregnant!).

So I take this oportunity to make a public resolution: I WILL MAKE IT to 2:30. And I intend to drag a few of you with me into the 2:30's.

Now dont get me wrong, this will not be easy, and it may take some friendly competition and good natured ribbing for all of us to keep improving. I will do my best to try and stay ahead of you while I can, but you better get your asses out there and try to catch me. Inevitably, and sooner, rather than later, someone will. Which is fine, because that will give me further reason to train HARDER.

Now I'm going to get my ass back to bed, tomorrow I fly to Spain. but I'lll be damned if I dont go for a run before I get on the plane and AFTER I get off it. Lets quit screwing around, we got a marathon to run in October....

See yall in late July. JP welcome to the blog.

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